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  • Esther Archer Lakhani

Woig in the World

A blog about my adventures, my experiments, and maybe even a little about my disasters.

Welcome to my very first blog. You might be wondering, "What is a woig?" If that is what you are wondering, please go read The Safekeeper and then come right back.

Okay, now that you know what a woig is (as well as anyone can really know), you're probably wondering if the title of my blog is declaring me as one such woig. Well. Hmm. That's a question you're going to have to make up your own answer to because I can't say for sure.

I do have an answer to a different question, however. The question, "How do you pronounce,'woig'?" is easy enough to deal with. "Woig" rhymes with "rogue." You can blame my husband for that. And if you'd rather pronounce it wo-ig, that's fine, too. I've been told woigs aren't particular about this.

So, who is Esther Archer Lakhani?

“Entertaining and attention gripping. Esther Archer Lakhani has done a brilliant job of bringing this unique story to life. I cannot wait to read more of Esther Archer Lakhani's other works." -Readers' Favorite 2020

Rest assured, it's not my intention to inundate this blog with accolades of me and my writing. The quote above is a one-off, just to highlight that, yes, I haven't been at this very long. In fact, it's been less than two years since I decided to go ahead and self-publish. The Safekeeper debuted in October 2020 and I have learned SO MUCH since then that I decided it was a good time to begin sharing. Because I find I have some things to say about this process, things that will hopefully help you out if you happen to be another writer of the independent inclination. Although maybe that's not you. Maybe you're a reader, not a writer. A reader who wants to keep up with what's going on in The Safekeeper's Universe? Yay, that's my favorite. Either way, reader or writer, I'm going to do my best to make this blog (it'll be regularly posted on Sunday nights) both entertaining and informative.

A few credits before we dive in

You might be wondering about the image above. The girl is not me; you've probably already guessed that. But the likeness is good enough if you squint really hard, and the complimentary cat reminds me a lot of a cat-friend I had as a kid. His name was Marcus. Back on topic, the reason I put that image in my very first blog is because of the artist, who goes by KHIUS on shutterstock. Graphicsoul used KHIUS’s illustrations to design my book covers (more on book covers down the road) and I found their style to be so complimentary to my writing that I'm now making the most of the introduction.

On the topic of cover designers, Graphicsoul is spectacular to work with and gets my everlasting thanks for agreeing to take on The Safekeeper Series.

"Stun Your Readers"

{insert the sound of me laughing}

According to the Wix Website Editor, this is the time and place I'm supposed to stun you. Fine. Be stunned. There, we did that. Now we'll go on with a few random bits of information:

  • I'm a middle-aged mom with two charming boys and a wizard for a husband. No exaggeration. Although my wizard husband says I exaggerate everything.

  • I'm a career musician, classically trained but dabble in all types of music. I work at West Valley College, and absolutely love what I do. Which is to play the piano all day long. Yes, I'm very, very lucky. By the way, for any of you music students out there, the West Valley Music Department is fully accredited. We've got a seriously awesome transfer program so come check us out.

  • As a kid, I was inspired by authors such as Dianna Wynne Jones, Georgette Heyer, Ellen Kindt McKenzie, Dave Duncan, Agatha Christie, Terry Pratchett, Susan Cooper, Lloyd Alexander...

  • As an adult, I love reading practically everything but am a true sucker for Urban Fantasy. And I'm always looking for new books to read. Let me know if you have any suggestions. If you're a writer and I love your book, I'll post a review. There, that actually might have stunned you.

Blog Methodology

Each blog will focus on one topic only. I think. That's the plan, at least. This first one was all about me since that's the obvious place to start. Next week I'll get into The Safekeeper's Universe. "What is a Safekeeper, anyway?" Is that what you're asking? Great. Tune in next week (or even subscribe) and you'll find out!

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