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  • Esther Archer Lakhani

A Woig of Books

A post on the habit of getting the word spread.

Like you, I read a lot. My husband reads a lot, too. He nearly exclusively reads in audible format at 2x speed, and goes through nonfiction books like they are bite-sized bonbons plucked from a bottomless box. Fortunately, books are not really bonbons and my husband is able to indulge in this habit and not jeopardize his admirably svelte form. My form is not nearly so admirably svelte, perhaps because I actually eat the real bonbons while "bonbon-ing" my books.

Another great thing about my husband (besides his love of reading and his svelte form) is that he generously shares what he has learned. He shares with me and our kids, with friends, family, community and work colleagues. He shares through discussion, emails, texts, links, etc., far and near and wide.

I think this is a great practice and although I read nearly exclusively fiction and my sharing is less quantitative substance and more, "wow, this is neat," I have decided to reach out via Instagram and share my current reads. Not because it's hard to find a good book. There are endless choices of great books. No, I'm posting daily "book reviews in a tree milieu" because it's fun. Fun to talk about books, fun to match books with trees, fun to take pics of books in trees... and an excellent way to get my steps in after eating so many bonbons.


Giveaway Opportunity

On the 100th posting of Trees Like Books, be the first to make a comment on this post and I'll gift you any one of the 100 books I've suggested on Instagram. Nice and simple, right? I suggest you follow me on Instagram (just click the trees above) and also subscribe to this blog. I'll send out reminders as we get closer to the 100th posting (right now, it stands at 33).

Good luck!


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