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"Mystical, magical, creepy, funny... A book readers won't be able to put down." US Review of Books
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The Safekeeper

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The Safekeeper's Rulebook

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The Safekeeper's Guard



A fascinating storyline. With a swift pace, smooth flow, and a plot full of unexpected twists, The Safekeeper is a captivating read. 


Tight-knit plot, compelling characters, and well-used paranormal themes. An excellent all-round read.

Gripping... brilliant... unlike anything I’ve read before. Cannot wait to read more of Esther Archer Lakhani‘s other works. 


Readers’ Favorite

Engaging from the first chapter, this is a book that readers won't be able to put down. It will make them laugh aloud at times and aid in their wonderment about the universe that surrounds them. The descriptions are beautifully detailed and cause the audience to feel as if they are experiencing the drama, horrors, and craziness in person. Overall, this tale is excellently done in its plot, written word, and style.


US Review of Books

A well-balanced and creative fantasy novel crafted by promising first time author Esther Archer Lakhani. A wonderful adventure for young adult readers.


Indies Today

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I'm an independent author who writes fantastical, scientifable stories filled with "beyond human" characters. And, yes, I make up words, but not often, because there are already so many amazing words out there to use.


I write because the act of reading has always been my most favorite method of learning about the world (and beyond). I share what I write in the hope that I can give an awesome experience to other readers, exactly as so many authors have given to me.

Thank you for checking out my books.

Please let me know what you think.



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